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Please visit our site in the manner in which it is intended. We respect your privacy, and we will not call you unless you request we do so.

Making a selection for a final resting place is a very personal decision and one that we believe should be made by loved ones and without any outside pressure.

Sometimes this decision must be made at the most difficult time in your life. Our staff will allow you all the time that you need to make your selection without any pressure.

Some choose to select burial sites prior to need to ease the burden on the remaining family members. Again, our staff is ever ready to respond to your personal needs

Please view any or all of our services at your convenience. Our friendly office staff will be happy to answer questions that you may have. Financing is available.

Oak Spring Cemetery is over two hundred years old. Our continued maintenance and perpetual care is of utmost importance to us.

We protect and preserve our past and look forward to our future.

Oldest Readable Stone

In memory of James Ross who departed this life Febry the 22, 1780 Aged 46 Years. Also, Mary, his wife, Departed this life Ocbr. the 18th, 1807 Aged 72 yrs. "Blefsed is the dead who die in the Lord. They rest from their labour and their works follow them."


Our thanks to Gina Nestor

We are committed to meeting your individual needs
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